We Share Our Church Building with:


Meets regulary in the church each Tuesday evening at 8pm. If you are interested in this activity, please contact the church office at one of the links below:

Mail: Click here for additional information.
Phone: 956-943-1962

The Bridge Club

Meets in Fasel Hall on Wednesday’s, from noon until four pm, late fall through winter. Looking for additional Bridge Players.

Call George Lesieutre for additional information.
Phone: 956-453-3436

The Shell Club

The PI/SPI Shell Club is a group of seashell enthusiasts who discuss, share and learn about shells and related topics.

They meet October through May in the Parish Hall on the fourth Sunday of the month at 2pm. Membership dues are $8.00 individual, family $10.00. The meetings are open, and all are welcome.

For additional information, please contact the President, Adrian Ramos using the link below.

Phone: 832-444-8793