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What is IconCMO And How Does It Help Our Church?

IconCMO is a database that keeps the records for our church. It allows staff and church members to utilize the church’s database for communication, membership  information, print your own contribution statements, and so much more.

What Can I Do After Logging Into IconCMO?

Our church members can:

  • edit and view your own information,

  • view and communicate with other church members — an online church directory,

  • view or print out a donation statement at any time,

  • see what groups you are in.

Our church staff can:

  • edit or view any record based on their security level,

  • add donations, pledges, members, groups, and attendance,

  • review church accounting books or payroll,

  • communicate via mass email or text messaging to the entire church or certain groups,

  • and so much more…

Can I Use My Mobile Device?

Yes! Our church members can have access to the church directory at their fingertips to communicate to other church members. Check out the information about the mobile apps. Our church members can use one of the two app download buttons below to get the mobile application.


Can I See My Own Donations Or Print Them?

Yes! No more waiting for donation statements to arrive via pony express mail for tax time. Our church members can print their statements right from the member portal. Check out the video below or watch it on YouTube. Our church members can verify all their donations are recorded by the church financial secretary instead of waiting till the end of the year.

Let's Get Started

If you already have a login for IconCOM click on the Icon Systems login button at the top of this page.


If you do not already have a login please contact the Church office at 956-943-1962 or and request your login.  When you receive your login email click on the Icon Systems at the top of the page and enter the login information found in the email.  

If you have problems or have questions, please feel free to contact the office at 956-943-1962 or email

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