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Christian Education


This 10-week study, developed by the Rev. Nicky Gumbel, former rector of Holy Trinity Brompton, looks at Paul's letter to the Philippians.  Each week, we will receive a sermon based on a section of the letter, and a link to a video in the church newsletter.  On Tuesday, from 5:30pm - 6:30pm there will be a class for those who wish to go deeper in discussion.  This program will run from Sunday, September 11 through November 13.  The first Bible Study will begin on Wednesday, September 14, and then continue each of the following weeks on Tuesday. 


Parish-wide Scripture Study

A Life Worth Living Series

A look at God's purpose for our lives through the Book of Philippians

September 11:  Sermon One.  Philippians Chapter 1:1-11

Preparation:  Background Acts 16:11-40

September 14:  (Wednesday): Class Session One: A New Heart

September 18:  Sermon Two.  Philippians Chapter 1:12-30

September 20:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Two:  A New Purpose

September 25:  Sermon Three.  Philippians Chapter 2:1-11

September 27:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Three:  A New Attitude

October 2:  Sermon Four.  Philippians Chapter 2:12-18

October 4:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Four:  New Responsibilities

October 9:  Sermon Five.  Philippians Chapter 2:19-30

October 11:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Five:  New Friendships

October 16:  Sermon Six.  Philippians Chapter 3:1-9

October 18:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Six:  New Confidence

October 23:  Sermon Seven.  Philippians Chapter 3:10-21

October 25:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Seven:  New Ambitions

October 30:  Sermon Eight.  Philippians Chapter 4:1-4:9

November 1:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Eight:  New Resources

November 6:  Sermon Nine.  Philippians Chapter 4:10-20

November 8:  (Tuesday):  Class Session Nine:  New Generosity

November 13:  Sermon Ten (Ingathering Sunday). 

Philippians Chapter 4:21-23

Children and Youth

Children at Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday School

St. Andrew's is currently in the process of hiring a children's minister. Please check back here for updates.


All adults who work with children complete special training in preventing and identifying abuse, and follow best practices to ensure their safety. They all receive a background check and are required to update their training regularly.  


A nursery is available on request during the 10:00 am service for children age 3 and under. To request nursery service on any particular day, or for an event, please contact the church office at 956-943-1962 or email

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