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How Do I Become  a Member?

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What Is A Church Member?

There are two definitions of "member."


St. Paul describes a member as someone who is by Baptism and faith united with Jesus Christ, and through him, to other Christians. So, if you are Baptized, you are a full member of the universal church.

However, people often ask, "How do I become a member specifically of St. Andrew's Church?" In other words, how do I make a public commitment to worship, serve, and live out my faith with these particular people in this particular denomination, and in this particular place?


The answer is: That all depends. Here are the ways people become members.


Adults and mature youth may affirm the Baptismal vows made for them as infants.  Confirmation is a public commitment to live out your faith within the Episcopal Church at St. Andrew's. The Bishop performs confirmations once a year.

Reception or Reaffirmation

Adults who have been confirmed in other denominations may be received into the Episcopal Church at St. Andrew's. Those who have been confirmed in the Episcopal Church may also renew their confirmation vows through Reaffirmation. The Bishop also performs these rites once a year.

Adults and youth desiring membership should speak first to Pastor Claudia and arrange to take our Inquirer's Class, which covers the basics of the Christian faith and the specifics of Anglican worship, history, and practice.  

Those who have been confirmed in another Episcopal Church should request a Letter of Transfer to move their membership to St. Andrew's.

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