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Covid-19 Protocols
“Let all you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Worship Attendance

  1. Vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask in the church, however, we must still spread out in the sanctuary, honoring the 6-foot rule. 

  2. The following people should continue to wear masks:

  • Adults and children who are not vaccinated.

  • Those who are not comfortable removing their mask.

  • Clergy and altar servers while serving at the altar.

  • Ushers, while performing usher duties (handing out bulletins, helping people to the altar rail, taking the collection).

  • Anyone serving food.

   3. Everyone should continue to use hand sanitizer before entry.

   4.  Please stay home if you are sick.

Receiving Communion

  1. Wine will be received via the small intinction cup.

  2. Clergy and altar servers will wear masks while at the altar.

  3. Ushers will wear masks when assisting congregants to the altar.

  4. We will come forward for communion five at a time and space out at the communion rail.

  5. The intinction cup will be offered, and filled to the brim. Please hold your wafer at the top and dip in only the bottom part. Be careful not to touch the cup or the wine with your fingers. Return to your seat as soon as you are finished.


Coffee Hour

  1. Eating and drinking are permitted indoors. The protocols for worship apply to the fellowship hall.

  2. Anyone preparing or serving food in the church needs to wear their masks.

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